Tubular Profiling

Tubular Profiling Services

The UK’s longest-established company offering CNC flame and plasma, tubular and box section profiling services

Diameters up to 1225 mm

Operating since 2005, P.P. Protube has a depth of knowledge and experience second to none in the UK. Our MPC1200 advanced profiling machines, 35,000 sq. ft. site and highly skilled employees enable us to offer a complete and exceptional service to our clients. Our renowned CAD team and unique capabilities on larger diameter tubes have seen us build a large and loyal customer base. We are the longest established company in the UK, able to offer CNC flame and plasma, tubular and box section profiling services.

Clients of P.P. Protube save time and money; our CNC-controlled cutting machines provide higher quality cuts and better weldability (the welding volume of pipe joints is reduced by up to 30%), reducing the need for secondary operations such as grinding. Certified to ISO 9001 and BSEN 1090 standards, P.P. Protube guarantees quality and traceability throughout all our processes, making us one of the most trusted partners for the offshore industry. Our experience has seen us work on many projects for oil and gas companies, including tree frames, subsea manifolds and accommodation blocks.

Our high-capacity machinery and flexible staff have earned P.P. Protube a reputation for processing large numbers of profiles to extremely tight schedules and we can ramp up production volumes at very short notice. In addition, our modern facilities and expertise in tubular profiling allow us to take on projects of all sizes.


In keeping with our comprehensive range of services for our clients, we offer a number of delivery options throughout the UK and Ireland with our own dedicated fleet of vehicles. Please contact us to discuss your options.